Lunch Bunch Groups

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What is Lunch Bunch?
The main way Elementary School Counselors can do groups at school is during lunch. We strive to not take students out of class unless absolutely necessary. If a student is struggling in any way socially or emotional/behavioral they may be invited to Lunch Bunch. This does not mean your student has done anything wrong! There are many reasons why a student may be invited and this usually involves a teacher referral. Teachers refer students who may desire additional adult attention, time to work on social skills, a place to practice problem-solving, or a space to reflect on feelings and how to manage them. Many other reasons may arise. 

What happens in Lunch Bunch?
During lunch once a week Ms. Corrine gathers group members from the lunchroom and we meet in an empty room in the main office and start to eat. The groups begin with "Check-in" where each person gets to share how their week is going and if they have a problem or worry they want to talk about. After check-in, we play a game. The games vary but involve communication skills, problem-solving, feelings expression and management, and other skills as needed. The students then go to recess, SSR, or wherever their class goes after lunch. 

How can I request my student join a Lunch Bunch group?
Feel free to call or email Ms.Corrine to see if your student can get into the next round of groups. A session is currently underway and a new series will start after Winter Break.