Rebecca Porter

Welcome to Ms. Rebecca's

3rd Grade Class!


  Picture of Rebecca and her dog Beau


I am looking forward to meeting my 2023/2024 students and their families. We are going to have a wonderful school year together! Below I will offer a glimpse of what we will be focusing on and learning about, but first I will share a little about myself.


I am excited to be starting my 2nd year as a 3rd grade teacher at McLane.  Prior to that, I was a 3rd grade teacher at Garfield Elementary School. I began my career as a para educator shortly after my two boys entered school there. They are now both attending college in Washington! Some things I enjoy are quiet mornings with coffee, jogging, yoga, biking, hiking with my furry friend, writing, and spending time with family.


This year, in addition to reading and math standards, we will be focusing on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and social skills. We will learn to write personal narratives as well as opinion and informational texts. We will also have fun gardening and doing hands-on science experiments involving motion and balance, structures of living things, and water and climate.


Once school gets underway and we settle into our routine, I will be assigning review math sheets  as weekly homework. I hope that students also commit to reading at least 20 minutes from an actual book daily, as this is an invaluable way to improve reading skills, foster screen-free time, and set a habit that might even turn into a lifelong love of learning.


I couldn't do my job without your involvement and support. Please email me to touch base anytime: [email protected]


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